Vernazza and Cinque Terre Surrondings

Daily trips around

Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore – Manarola – Corniglia – Vernazza – Monterosso


From Vernazza by ferry boat or by train – trains every 30’ –  in 10’ train takes from Vernazza to Riomaggiore, in 5’ in between the other villages, 20’ to La Spezia station). As alternative paths to hike from the morning to sunset.



From Vernazza in 20’ by ferry boat. The Genoa Republic castle over stands the Medieval church of Saint Peters, below which the sea is deeply blue and the island of Palmaria is just in front. The natural “passage” from 5 Terre villages to Lerici by ferry boat trip.

La Spezia Gulf and Lerici


By ferry boat, from the Cinque Terre is possible to visit the gulf of La Spezia, and Lerici another of the villages developed as outpost of the Genoa Republic, as it’s put in evidence by the massive castle over standing the bay. In this bay Lord Byron, Mr Percy and Mrs Mary Shelley lived and wrote some of their lyrics and masterpieces such as “Frankenstein”. Other famous writers spent here their time, like Dante, W. Goethe, D.H. Lawrence, and Bertolucci, Giudici and this is the reason of the name of the gulf, known as “The Gulf of Poets”.

La Spezia


Self Portrait
1520 ca

By train it is very easy to arrive to La Spezia.
From train station is possible to arrive in 5 minutes in the walking area of the center, with shops, street market on Friday, fish and fresh local products market every morning from Monday to Saturday, shops, and Italian and international brands shops.

Very important is the Amedeo Lia Museum – open to public a private art collection from Middle Age to the 1800. “The collection includes about 1200 works of all kinds, classical, late antique, mediaeval, up to the 18th century. There are paintings, miniatures, bronze, copper, ivory and wooden statues, glassware, tin-glazed pottery and art objects which document the taste and culture of Italian and European art.

The so-called “primitives” are a particularly precious part of the collection, with over 70 panels by Pietro Lorenzetti, Bernardo Daddi, Lippo Memmi, Lippo di Benivieni, Lorenzo di Bicci, Barnaba da Modena, Paolo di Giovanni Fei, Sassetta, as well as many tempera works and canvases by artists such as Vincenzo Foppa, Antonio Vivarini, Bergognone, a probable early Raphael, Pontormo, Titian, Tintoretto, Sebastiano del Piombo, Giovanni Cariani, Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, Bernardo Bellotto, Canaletto”.

Visit Offical Website of Museo Lia

In La Spezia is even possible to visit the Naval Technical Museum of the Italian Navy.

Visit Official Website of Naval Technical Museum →



At 8 km away from La Spezia, Sarzana is the second largest city of the area after La Spezia, but also a very nice Medieval center with its authentic fortresses, narrow roads and important churches. Very vivant in the evening with nice restaurants and café, and in August for the broquante street market.


Driving South to Tuscany



33 km away from La Spezia. Carrara and its marble quarries: at 30 Km from where Michelangelo took the white  stone of his masterpieces and where contemporary sculptors still choice the best “statuario”.



At 60 Km away from La Spezia – the Pending Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli ! Unique, even more in the full moon light.



At 61 Km away from La Spezia – the perfect Tuscan ancient fortified town, well preserved inside its defense walls, ideal for an afternoon walk around and shopping in Piazza delle Erbe and a nice evening dinner (and maybe a concert!).


Driving Back North to Liguria




At 53 Km away from La Spezia – the most exclusive and famous world wide of the typical Ligurian villages.



At 102 Km away from La Spezia – in 1200s with Venice the strongest Marine Republic, the so called “The Superb” where Cristoforo Colombo was born, maintains the largest Medieval historical center of Europe: great the Aquarium by the Architect Renzo Piano at the Old Merchant Port (Porto Antico).