We are lucky and proud to live in such a beautiful places and enjoy the taste of food and flavors and colors of our land, sharing all this with our guests in the best Italian way…

We are a family, a large-Italian-family, and we have a great passion for our Country and for the land where we live or from where are our origins. As it often happens in Italy, we have different bloods in our veins: my father’s family is from Tuscany, my mother’s is Sicilian, and we live in Liguria, where my sister and I were born.

At today it’s the two of us who cares of our family properties and we offer them to our guests exactly as per our Italian way of living, even if with some help from the new young growing “third generation”.

Gli Ulivi

Our Apartments in Lerici

Lerici is where we live, and the breathtaking landscape of the open sea with the islands that is in front of us since forty years now is, not only for our opinion, one of the most beautiful views of the world. The two apartments at Gli Ulivi, inside the property where we live, have the same “point of view” of the beauty of the natural Mediterranean garden, surrounded by hundreds of olive trees.


Our Apartment in Vernazza Cinque Terre

The apartment in Vernazza, is in the heart of the village, right on the marina, where Vernazza is the heart of the Cinque Terre,  but it maintains the style of the time when it was built, in the mid of the ‘800, thanks to the last conservative refitting works we made in 2009… It’s a different but unique way of visiting one of the most popular spot of Italy: under the fresco ceiling of the sitting room just facing the fisherman harbor and the sea.

Podere Casetta Rossa

Our Family House in Tuscany

Our family house in Tuscany is where we spent our childhood, with our cousins and friends. In the middle of a still authentic, vivant Tuscan Countryside, in a strategic area because central respect the famous art cities of Pisa, Florence, Siena and close to the Medieval cities of Volterra and San Gimignano and the mid of the wine yards road of Chianti Pisano. The apartment is still as it was, with its large living rooms at the ground floor, and the patio all around. The four bedrooms are at the second floor, and in the night the calm is total, and the sky is so full of stars…